What if there was high-speed wireless everywhere?

Or at least, everywhere I am. For example, in the home, in the office, in the car, in the cafe. Frankly 3 out of those 4 are already taken care of. The next step is to hook wireless into satellite, so I can get it in my car. Once that’s there, why would I need to use a PDA? I’m better off with a laptop, or just relying on the occasional terminal. What do I want to do on the road anyway? Send email. Check email. Check essential data (hotel #, flight times).

I get a laugh out of the notion of Blackberry model of email. Push email? This is hardly a revolution. It’s essentially Outlook on your phone. What’s so important about it? I could write a web app for a phone that would check my Gmail account every 5 minutes for emails and then alert me, automatically go to the site. And I wouldn’t have to pay for “data services” from the cell company.

I do agree that the form factor and usability of the phone seems pretty high. If you can get all those technophobes on Bay St. hooked, you must be doing something right.

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